Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Tick tock

So, here’s the thing. Life doesn’t start the minute you leave high school. That diploma isn’t a key that opens the cage to let you run wild and chase the dreams you’ve let cloud your head and blur your vision. Your life started years ago. Stop wasting it. Stop wishing away the weekdays, eyes fixed on the clock, waiting for the moment you can drown your stresses in alcohol. The only thing ticking away is your life. Stop counting down the days and start making the days count. Stop hating on Sundays, sinking under the covers into a dream that seems to outweigh your reality. Start living that dream. Wake up. Get out of bed. Breathe through sunrises, eat chocolate for breakfast, step on a bus you’ve never heard of before and get lost in the magic of it all. Lose who you used to be and find someone better. Look for inspiration where you never saw it before and you might find something that makes your skin tingle. A sign that your heart craves. Grasp Monday mornings as if they were your last because, one day, they just might be. Don’t wait. Don’t wait to graduate, don’t wait for the day that someone else nods to give you permission to start feeling like you’re alive. Because that day won’t come. And, before you even have time to blink, you’ll be drowning in sterile sheets and x-rays and countless appointments where doctors tell you that time is running out. The ticking is getting faster. And you’ll bite your tongue to force back the tears and silence the voices that are screaming that you should have done it sooner. Your life started years ago. When are you going to start living it?