Thursday, 22 January 2015

Guide to social media

Let me tell you one thing about social media. It’s all a lie.

It’s a black hole and you’re on the edge. And when you fall in, there’s no way out. It’s blinding. When you present yourself, be sure to be wearing a mask. Because God forbid you don’t add enough effects to a picture and actually reveal the ocean blue colour of your eyes. Don’t let them see the real you. That’s not what it’s about.

You might want to take the money you’ve saved and hidden in your sock drawer and spend it on the newest, most overpriced phone because, if your pictures are bad quality, you might as well not even try. Your thumb will ache from pressing and refreshing, your mind numb from constant comparison. Their life will always look better than yours.

And, remember, if your newest picture doesn’t reach one hundred likes, you might as well delete it. The embarrassment should be crimson on your face. Your video didn’t get enough views for society to let you be happy. You don’t deserve the pride. It has to be earned. Your self-worth will depend on the comment with the most emojis and the number of followers you have will roll off the tip of your tongue you’ve checked it that many times. It’s what matters most, right?

It’s all about the image, the mask you wear, the way that people view you is more important that who you are. This is your life now. This is it. You’ve fallen in. You’re trapped. And, before you know it, you’ll forget everything that you once were and will be living a life that will guarantee you the artiest picture. How many likes did you get?