Thursday, 17 April 2014


You know what's sad? It's sad that the girl everyone is envious of can't even find the words to call herself beautiful. She looks in the mirror and wipes the floor with her sock as the tears drop down. She finds comfort in her bed and wails into the pillow, cursing the blemishes only her eyes are cruel enough to reveal. It's sad that the other girls cry just as hard, wishing more than anything for boys to turn their heads in the street instead of walking straight by. They long for just a glance, a chance to prove their worth. But no one looks past the physical these days.

It's sad that the girl with the brightest smile and the loudest laugh is the girl who has to fight through the worst pain every day when she gets home. She laughs off the idea that she could ever be worthy, remembering the thoughts that fill her mind every night, reminding her she is anything but. You're not good enough. Stop trying.

It's sad that nobody will ever understand. It's sad we can't make a change. 

It's sad that the voices in our heads slowly grow louder and louder until they deafen us with their harsh words. It's sad that the girl who everybody labels as "large" starves herself. She binges on Sunday mornings and carries pounds of guilt on her shoulders for the rest of the week. She knows it's wrong but she is in so deep, it's become out of her control.

It's sad that the boy who gets straight A's and has tried every sport on offer still gets criticised by his very own father the minute he gets home. Work harder, be stronger, do better. There's always something. It's sad that he can never feel good enough for his own family. 

It's sad that the girl with wide rimmed crimson glasses who reads in a corner at recess, who trips on her way to the next class, who can't open her locker and feels too embarrassed to ask anybody for help, it's sad that no one will even give her a second glance. It's sad that her appearance defines her. It's sad that nobody would even think to see past the physical and get to know the real her. Learn about her obsession with musicals and her favourite ice cream flavour. Her quirks and talents. Her dreams.

It's sad that we compare every part of ourselves to somebody else, as if that were a way to define your own success. 

You know what's the saddest part? This is the way society is, this is what our life has become. This is it.