Thursday, 16 July 2015


Days seem so infinite sometimes,
Nights never end.
A summer stained with invincibility,
The entire world at the tips of your fingers,
You think you’ll be the one to change it.

You’re naive to think that problems will dribble away
While you lie by the pool,
Tanning your back,
Then your front,
And then your back again-
Making things even,
Making things repetitive.

You longed for summer,
For freedom,
For opportunities to burn bright,
To have chances to do what you promised yourself you would,
Find time to chase all those dreams you dreamed.

Hours trickle by,
Countless left to make a difference,
But that funny little thing that they call
It runs out.

And before you know it,
Endless days ended,
And the nights that seemed as if they would never betray you did-
Pastel sunrises painting the skies once more.

Stop wasting time you think you have,
There’s never,
As much of it as you think.

So find the bucket list stained with coffee cup rings,
Pick a place and start,
As if you never mean to stop.
Time exists tomorrow,
But it also exists today-

It exists right now.