Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Keep going

This one is for the little girls that dream of becoming princesses. Those that torture their feet through plastic heels and play with tiaras that twinkle almost as bright as their eyes. Almost. This is for when that tiara breaks. This is for the boy who looks up to his father, even when his breath is stained with drinks he’s too young to know the names of, let alone taste every time he leans in for a hug. This is for the single mothers that hold down three jobs just to hold their three children up, letting caffeine spill through their veins but never waking up from the exhaustion that has become their life. This is for the teacher who dreamt of something more, the Hollywood waitress who wanted her voice to sound through the speakers at the diner of which she instead cleans the tables. She wanted it so bad. This is for the granddad that can’t shake the memories, the grandson that wishes to remember a time when everyone around him smiled and meant it. This is for the teenagers that spend too much time on technology because it minimises the time they need to spend in the reality they would kill to escape from. This is for the university graduates that have fallen into the black hole they call the “real world”. Now, they are trapped. This is for those that think they are prettier with scars woven around their wrists, those that want to start over, the ones that wish they could have been better. For those that are lost and those that think they have found themselves but should keep searching. This is for those that try and try and try again in an attempt to become a person they can never be.

But most of all, this is for the people that gave up with the desperate hope that someone would tell them not to. Because nobody ever said this life was easy. But I’m telling you that it will be worth it. This is for those like you and like me. This is for us. Keep going.